We've got a silly name and a cartoon dog and we're a serious company. Some might say it's unprofessional.

We say that you'll remember who we are next week or next month when you need us. If you want that kind of thinking for your next promotional push read on.

Since 2004 we have been helping numerous artists promote their work through podcasting and other related means and technologies online.
These include:

Website design and re-design;
Backend admin for your existing website;
Integrated stores for downloadable and physical product;
Mailing lists, forums and electronic street teams;
Blogs and blogging;
Electronic global press releases;
Competitions and related promotions;
Audio advertising;
Social networking;
Viral campaigns;
Audio and video streaming;
Newsfeeds (RSS);
Second Life;


We tend to shy away from the more traditional approach for mainstream promotion and focus on innovative thinking that gets you noticed because of it's originality, even within those technologies above that are now considered mainstream. We try to stay one step ahead of 'the next big thing' and get you in at the start. Some of the podcasts we launched in the early days are now considered leaders in their genres.

This means that we do not offer a 'one size fits all' package. Whilst certain elements of what we do are common to all, our solutions are dependent on many criteria, such as genre, intended audience, geographical market and purpose of promotion. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a free personalised quotation.

We also offer a very reasonably priced mid-sized PA hire package. 3.5Kw, 2 monitor mixes with full engineer support throughout. Rates are probably cheaper than you think. Venues that provide a decent quality internet connection can also opt for live audio streaming of their event either free or paid for by the listeners. Each job is priced on it's own merits.